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Strong Wood is supplying only Russian fully birch plywood very often called Baltic birch plywood. The reason of calling it Baltic Birch plywood is initial supply of birch products produced from trees from the Baltic regions of Europe. Those were countries Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Later on volumes of supply of Russian birch plywood were dramatically increased. But the product is still called Baltic Birch plywood.

We supply Baltic Birch plywood because of several reasons:

  1. Birch is very strong material. Plywood made of birch is extremely hard and stable material providing extraordinary technical features.
  2. Appearance of Russian (Baltic) birch is very attractive and suitable for furniture and decoration.
  3. Holding strength of Baltic birch plywood is real good.

We supply regular Baltic birch plywood classified the following way:

By glue.
– Exterior (WBP meaning Water Boiled Proof) or
– Interior (MR meaning Moisture Resistant) glues.
In both cases formaldehyde emission is E1 and in most cases CARB Phase 2 certified

By sizes
Available sizes are:

  • 1525*1525 mm (5’*5’)
  • 1220*2440 mm or 1250*2500 mm long and short grain  (4’*8’)
  • 1525*3050 mm or 1500*3000 mm short grain (5’*10’)
  • Cut To Size is an option to be discussed

By grades
Regular grades are:
B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP, CP/CP, CP/C sanded from two sides
C/C unsanded
Special grades and special assembly of plywood are also available.

Detailed grading rules and full quality requirements are described in GOST 3916.1-96

Simplified Russian plywood grading rules in accordance with GOST 10.55-71 and GOST 3916.1-96 are presented below:

BB grade

Grade BB

C grade

Grade C

CP face 1311 x 1120

Grade CP

B face

Grade B

10.55-71Grade BGrade BBGrade CPGrade C
3916.1-96Grade IGrade IIGrade IIIGrade IV
Pin knotsNot more than 3 per square meterAllowedAllowedAllowed
Sound intergrown knotsAllowed with diameter not more than 15 mmAllowed with diameter not more than 25Allowed with cracks not wider than 1,5 mmAllowed
Other knotsAllowed with maximum diameter 6 mmAllowed with maximum diameter 6 mmAllowed with maximum diameter 6 mmAllowed with maximum diameter 40 mm
Closed splitsMaximum length 200 mmMaximum length 200 mmAllowedAllowed
Open splitsNot allowedAllowed with maximum size 200*2 mmAllowed with maximum size 300*2 mmAllowed with maximum width 10 mm
Light discolorationAllowed not more than 5% of the surfaceAllowedAllowedAllowed
Heavy discolorationNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedAllowed
Glue penetration (through faces)Not allowedAllowed not more than 2% of the surface of the panelAllowed not more than 5% of the surface of the panelAllowed
Veneer overlappingNot allowedAllowed with maximum length 100 mmAllowed with maximum length 200 mmAllowed
Repairing by plugsNot allowedAllowed with single plugsAllowed with double plugsAllowed with double plugs
Sanding through facesNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedAllowed