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Products assortment

We selected the products on the following principles:

  1. Our products are in great demand. We have done serious analysis identify most demanded products in the world market
  2. Our products are made of high quality pine, spruce, larch and birch. These species of wood grow in Russia in huge quantities.
  3. Our products are converted using state of the art machinery to achieve high quality at the end.

Our assortment looks the following way:

Baltic Birch Plywood

  • Interior birch plywood
  • Exterior birch plywood
  • Film Faced birch plywood
  • Special plywood

Particle Board

  • Plain particle board (raw particle board)
  • Melamine laminated particle board

OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

  • OSB 3
  • OSB 4

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

  • Thick MDF
  • Thin MDF

Edge Glued Panels

  • Made of birch
  • Made of pine and spruce
  • Three layers panels


  • Made of pine, spruce
  • Made of birch
  • Larch decking


  • Spruce and pine
  • Birch
  • Pallet elements

All the products above are in good demand for certain applications. Details about it are presented on our site.

BBB plywood 637×420
Birch EGP 666×499
Larch decking 675×534
Lumber ends 760×593